5 Ways To Avoid Being Hacked

Hacking. We often think of it happening to companies or governments. But it also happens to ordinary people-- but we can take steps to prevent it! My social was hacked, but yours doesn't have to be.


Step 1: Tricky passwords

You need to have a separate password for each account, so that if one account gets hacked, all of your vital information is not vulnerable. The problem is that it's tough to remember dozens of passwords. The answer: a password manager. There are a variety of third-party software programs that will create and store passwords for you.


Step 2: Two-Part Authentication

When you log on to many different computers — especially shared computers — to access your email account, you are especially vulnerable to hackers.

Many websites are moving toward two-step verification. Google is one. Essentially, it means that you need more than a password to log into a new account. If you use the service, you have to remember a password but also remember a special key that gets sent to you as a text.


Step 3: Change Your Behavior

Be carefull what you post. Things like birth dates and graduation years can be used to access your information. That doesn't mean you need to shut down your online presence, but be careful what details you put out there.


Step 4: Consolidation

Remember Friendster? Or MySpace? Whitson Gordon, senior editor of Lifehacker.com, says that back in the early days of the Internet, it would have been hard to imagine "10, 20 years down the road when we would have so many services we're grappling with."

So sit down and think about the last 10 years of your online life. And then delete the accounts for the services you signed up for and no longer use.


Step 5: Back It Up

Back up your data. You can either use an external hard drive or an online service. As more of the things we care about get stored electronically, the more vulnerable they are to get lost. If your smartphone gets stolen with wedding photos on it, there won't be as much heartbreak.

Doing all of this takes time, energy and money. But being hacked can be the gateway to identity theft or worse.


You should be safe from here. Just take precautions. Be safe about your data.


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